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Hobby Horse Blaque in Time - "Bit"




BIT 2016 Histogram

EPDs for AFD, SDAFD and Spin Fineness in Top 5% of huacaya males! BIT's sire, Handsome, is the densest black alpaca Dr Evan's has skin biopsied and his dam, Elise, produced the densest alpaca ever measured (Hobby Horse Peruvian Astra 128 follicles/sq mm and 13.6 microns at 2 years of age).See his TERRIFIC Skin biopsy stats below.

So, here you have the opportunity to bring a black male with genetics to improve fineness, extreme density and increase staple length. A rare combination indeed!

2015 EPDs:

Skin Biopsy Results
Density SP Ratio Gland Rating Pri-Sec Delta
82.5 11.2 2 5.3

Show Record:
2nd/8 younger TB yearling male- 2014 Empire
6th/7 Black Juvi – Rail Splitter 2014
5th/15 TB Juvi – MAPACA 2014



DOB 9/04/13
COLOR TrueBlack
SIRE Hobby Horse Tall Dark and Handsome
ARI 32743241
Price Call