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Hobby Horse Peruvian Fabio • Featured Alpaca • SOLD



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Black Epic

rule Touch him and you'll say, "I can't believe it's not butter!"

Wow! Breaking news! Fabio is in the top 1% of 2100 animals that Dr. Evans has evaluated by skin biopsy! That's the top 21 animals, folks!! He has 82.5 follicles/sq mm with a 12.9:1 SP ratio!! (Average is 40 fol/sq mm and8.9:1). So Fabio is 100% denser than the average observed by Dr. Evans! 4/4 rating on sebaceous glands. <30% secondary fiber medullation!! This is one awesome male!

Fabio is fine, dense, outstanding conformation, and ready to go!! Did we also say he covers black?!?! Breed him to get rich color and fine, dense fleeces!

When this boy was born all we could say was WOW! He is a golden colored gorgeous boy! He is everything you are looking for in a herdsire - full Peruvian, fine, dense, outstanding pedigree, excellent conformation and placed in the top of his class at all shows! That's why we decided to name him FABIO!! We think that says it all about what we think of him - he's super delicious!

Fabio's pedigree is outstanding - he covers black from his gorgeous Momma (SA Peruvian Black Klassique - the densest black alpaca Norm Evans has biopsied at 79.5 follicles/sq mm and an SP ratio of 14.7:1 at 3 years of age - she's a full sister to the one and only 7X Champion Hobby Horse's SA Peruvian Black Epic). Grandsire is 4Peruvian Black Magic - one of the most famous black imports of all time!

Fabio's sire is the handsome and undefeated during his show career - Royal Peruvian Apollo - son of the inestimable Accoyo Royal Fawn!

Skin biopsy at 28 days shows an ultra dense and fine fleece - 104 follicles/sq mm with an SP ratio of 9.2:1. Tight symmetrical fiber clusters with awesome gland presence (5 of 5 rating). 100 secondary fibers average 15.1 microns and 50 primary fibers average 25.9 with only 10% secondary fiber medullation. This guy has all the right stuff going for him as a juvi!

Take advantage of our experience, testing and genetic quality - put yourself on top of the hill!

His first cria was born this summer – a lovely beige female out of a white dam.

We recommend breeding Fabio to improve density, bring color and conformation while maintaining fineness and uniformity.


Awards Received
OABA - 2nd/9 MF yrlg - Anderson - very fine, very dense, excellent conformation & style!

VAOBA - 2nd/13 LF yrlg - Loner - outstanding boy - gorgeous fleece & style!

Heartland Classic - 3rd/12 LF yrlg - Gease - loved is soft, soft fleece!

AOBA National - we're bummed - we missed his class! MF juvi male - composite -his fleece won the fleece portion!

Buckeye - 2nd/13 MF juvi (to the CC) - Peter Kennedy Great comments on his fineness and uniformity and overall package!

IAI - 4th/14 MF juvi - Sharon Loner Loved his fine and uniform fleece - one of the youngest in the class.

DOB 7/31/2008
COLOR Medium Fawn
SIRE Royal Peruvian Apollo
DAM SA Peruvian Black Klassique
ARI 30704350
Stud Fee $1,000