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4X Champion Hobby Horse Ringside Rumor - Champion Offspring! SOLD!
Thank you Clint and Mary Roach of Family Jewels Alpacas



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Black Epic

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Ringo's follicular density is 65 follicles/mm with a 15:1 SP ratio as measured by Dr. Norm Evans placing Ringo in the Top 5% of animals measured by Dr. Evans!

2012 histogram:
21.3 AFD, 4.5 SD, 21.1 CV, 4.5% > 30 micron

Hobby Horse Ringside Rumor, affectionately known as Ringo, carries the genes of his famous black sire, 7X Ch. SA Peruvian Black Epic, along with those of the dam of the late great 6X Champion CPeruvian Winchester. Fine and Dense, Ringo will make a superb addition to your herd. His prepotency is proven – his offspring are outstanding – see his 3X Champion black daughter Hobby Horse Peruvian Blackberry (74 follicles/sq mm and 12.3:1 SP ratio, 19.7 micron secondary fibers and 25 micron primary fibers at 2 years of age - Evans) and his 2X Champion dark fawn daughter Hobby Horse Peruvian Kiss N’ Tell (81 follicles/sq mm and 14.8:1 SP ratio – top 1% of alpacas Evans has evaluated!) We recommend breeding Ringo to improve density, fineness, uniformity and bring great heads, conformation and style.


2008 Buckeye - 1st/6 Adult male - Dave Barboza
2008 KY Classic - 1st/3 Adult male - Jill McLeod
2007 NJAC 1st Mature male & Fawn Color Champion - Dave Barboza
2007 NAILE-AOBA 1st 2+ Fawn Male & Fawn Reserve Color Champion - Amy Bliss-Miller
2007 MIAF 1st/5 Adult fawn males - shorn - Ruth Inglefield
2007 AOBA National 4th/12 MF/DF yrlg male - Charlene Friedman
2007 Buckeye 2nd/7 MF yrlg male - Jill McLoed
2007 IAOBA 1st/3 MF yrlg male - Diana Timmerman
2007 Ky Classic 1st/8 MF yrlg male - Shannon McConnell
2007 WOTC 2nd DF/MF Yrlg & Reserve Color Champion - Shannon McConnell
2006 Carolina Classic 1st/10 MF yearling males - Wade Gease
2006 OABA 2nd/8 MF yearling males - Tim Lavan
2006 Northern Illinois 3rd/6 Yearling MF - Kevin O'Leary
2006 AOBA National 3rd/9 Composite DF/MF juvi male - Charlene Friedman
2006 Buckeye 2nd/9 MF juvi males - Wade Gease
2006 Great Midwest 4th/7 MF juvi males - Mike Safley
2006 WOTC 2nd DF/MF juvi & Reserve Color Champion - Terry Duespohl


DOB 9-17-05
SIRE SA Peruvian Black Epic
DAM CPeruvian Iris
ARI 1384727

Fawn Herdsire
fawn alpaca color champion
Fawn Color Champion alpaca