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Hobby Horse Tall Dark & Handsome




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2014 Histogram:
AFD 19.6; SD 3.9; CV 19.8%; SF 18.9;
0.7% fibers >30; MSL 109.4mm

Handsome is as handsome does. And Handsome is doing pretty well. Amanda Vandenbosch had nice things to say about his fineness and handle, lock structure and conformation. His fleece genetics are superb... Rico Suave being famous for producing fineness that is retained for many years, and his dam is one of the most dense black animals Dr. Norm Evans has evaluated!
His first crias hit the ground in the summer of 2013, and we more are on the way for 2016!

From Dr. Norm Evans, DVM:
Skin biopsy report
Hobby Horse Tall, Dark & Handsome (at 2 years) demonstrates uniform fiber cluster placement within the connective tissue but several clusters are irregular in size and shape. He shows level 2 of 4 gland presence meaning glands in 50-60% of the fiber clusters. SP ratio is 12.1:1. The density study from 4 sections of 1 sq mm of skin surface is 86.25 follicles per sq mm of skin on a 10mm cut requiring no shrinkage or adjustment.
The average density I evaluated on 91 Huacaya males in 2011 was 58.47 follicles per sq mm. About 50% of his secondary fibers are medullated. This level of medullation often gives judges the opinion of even higher density. One hundred secondary fibers averaged 18.9 microns while 50 primary fibers averaged 26.1 microns. This equates to a micron variation of 7.2 microns. This guy is likely the most dense and finest fibered black male that I have ever measured. (Note, The histogram is 16.6 micron AFD).

DOB 9/13/2010
COLOR True Black
SIRE DDF Rico Suave
DAM SA Peruvian Black Klassique
ARI 31452601
Stud Fee $1,000
Status Proven
Price Full or Partial Interest Available