Sixth Day Liberty Tea Party

Tea Party gave us a gorgeous dark fawn Hobby Horse Tall Dark & Handsome cria August 2016. She is Hobby Horse Miss Independence. 

This very special gal was chosen for her extremely impressive EPDs, and how she complements our herd. She gave birth to a beautiful bright white male in 2015, we call him "Good Omen".

Top 1% for AFD, SD, SF & %>30, 
Top 1.5 – 2% for Curvature and
% Medullation, plus positive staple length and fleece weight. 


This is a “curve bender” female – It's very rare to have fineness, density and staple length!

DOB: 10/08/10

COLOR: White

SIRE: Franklin's Liberty

DAM: Bravado's Tiara

ARI: 32217704

Skin Biopsy:

Density: 76.2

SP Ratio: 13.7

Gland Rating: 4

Pri-Sec Delta: 5.4

Click image to view 2018 histogram

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