The Science. The Trust. The Success.


The SCIENCE is learned... and Applied. As owners of Hobby Horse Farm, we have learned and applied the science of EPDs, skin biopsy and fleece statistics during our 22 years in the industry. Our knowledge is based in our formal scientific and engineering education and Shauna’s career in genomics and the life sciences. We have shared our knowledge by serving the industry on the boards of AOBA and ARI (now AOA) and the Alpaca Research Foundation.


The TRUST is Earned. Our clients over the years tell us that our mentoring has been valuable to their success and many have become close friends. We help them learn to successfully show their alpacas, make positive breeding and purchase choices, and we are there to help when that first cria comes along! Clients continue to do business with us and refer us to their own friends. We highly value their display of trust. People know that we sell our top of the line animals and support buyers with the tools they need to become successful in our industry.

The Success Continues. We enjoyed early success in the show ring with our foundation stock, who went on to produce many champions. By applying scientific principles, genetic knowledge and a breeders “eye” to our breeding choices, our alpacas continue to win in the ring, carry elite fleeces – scientifically proven – and produce improved stock with high level EPDs. Relationship building and business building go hand in hand as we invite you to join us in a mutually successful alpaca industry journey. We are your genetics link!

Attention New Alpaca Breeders 
We are always available to answer your questions and assist with plans to enter the alpaca industry. We would love to work with you on acquiring the bloodlines that you need to achieve your breeding goals. Work with a farm that is knowledgeable and dedicated to the alpaca industry. Together we can establish and achieve your goals. Contact Us!



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