A message and a farewell from Shauna and Jeff

Dear Alpaca Friends and Colleagues,

Happy New Year from Shauna Brummet and Jeff Skinner of Hobby Horse Farm. We have some big news to share. We have sold our alpacas and retired from the industry! I stepped down from the AOA presidency after a very productive 1½ years at the helm – they are going to miss me! Our contributions to the industry have been significant, long-lasting and well recognized by the industry – for which we are very appreciative.


Last fall we sold 58 alpacas in 33 days for nice prices! They have gone to good homes – farms that value and will utilize the genetics that we created over the past 24+ years. Thanks to Lynn Edens, Kara McElroy, Judy Hoepker & Morgan Stevenson, Elizabeth & Mica Bernard, John Dana, Holly & Todd Jacobs, Sarah Lamanna, Angi Lyngby-Cox, JoAnn Poulton, Laurel Shouvlin, Colleen Hawkins & Dave Moyer, Jennifer Nystrom, and Kevin Stoer for giving our beautiful alpacas good new homes!


We have great memories of our beautiful alpacas and the hundreds of banners and ribbons they were awarded over the years. For a farm that averaged about eight crias/year we competed successfully against the biggest farms in the country. Good animals and good preparation!


We have a wonderful, happy life and great memories of our animals, our show wins, our friends, and all the good work we contributed to the industry. We continue to breed and show our Samoyed dogs (earning more than 60 AKC Championships) and have added a black Morgan gelding – Fig Newton – to our lives. I am back to dressage riding after 30 years out of the saddle and we are both learning to drive Figgy. That is fun and challenging! We enjoy our beautiful farm and are converting our alpaca barn into an indoor riding arena (we built it with that in mind). Fortunately, the alpaca (horse) trailers are easily utilized to transport Figgy and his four-wheel Marathon cart.


A brief bio of Shauna’s and Jeff’s contributions to the alpaca industry:

We entered the alpaca business in 1996 and two years later Shauna joined the Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) board, followed by the Alpaca Registry Inc (ARI) (three full elected terms as Director, VP, and Chief Scientist) and Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) boards – twice elected President. Jeff served one elected and one appointed term on the AOBA board.


Among Shauna’s many accomplishments as an ARI and ARF board member and AOA President, are her work on alpaca parentage validation integrity (selecting both Geneseek and DDC DNA testing vendors), championing the establishment of the independent ARI office in Lincoln, NE, developing the EPD program, spearheading the 2008 and 2012 International Camelid Biotechnology and Reproductive Technology symposiums (largest camelid symposiums ever held), dealing with the closing of Yocom-McColl and managing the move to SGS in New Zealand as the approved EPD fiber testing lab, leading the effort to approve the Breed Standards, and very importantly leading the recruiting and doing the on-boarding of AOA’s new executive director. Shauna was the recipient of the prestigious James G. King award in 2017.


As the saying goes “Thanks for the memories!"

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